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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Hannah and Rebecca here, founders of InTouch Marketing Consultancy.

Established in May 2020, this business was created to provide relief to the strains on SMEs and Micro-Businesses during Covid-19. Knowing that there was little we could do to help companies face to face, we now have a virtual world set up including paperless client packs, zoom consultations and resolutions to your online problems, all that can help YOUR business grow from home, with NO limits to success!

We thought we'd begin with an introductory blog, providing you with the background information of our business, and the type of market we are entering! By introducing you to the knowledge we have found, both within the role and the market, we hope to paint you a picture of the positive impact we believe we can have on the industry and on your business.

What is a Consultant?

'A consultant is a person who provides professional or expert advice in a particular field of science or business to either an organisation or individual', (consultancy.org, 2020).

How do you become a Consultant?

- Gain a Bachelor's degree - Get experience - Be open to continue learning

- Evaluate potential clients and the market to gain the best insight

- Find something you're passionate about, to drive your career through positive change

What market are we entering?

We are entering the marketing consultancy market. A rapid increase in products and services across a range of sectors has driven the need for product differentiation which has led to an increase in demand for marketing services, (Cision, 2016). This is where our service comes in, social media is a fantastic tool for small businesses and enables businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The Competitors

Our competitors focus on managing and controlling your social media for you. We focus on providing you with advice and support but allow you to take control and implement our recommendations at a pace that is comfortable for you. We play a supportive role in assisting with your social media and provide you with a client pack with detailed breakdown of how to improve which you can refer to as you continue to improve.

Why have we chosen this market?

For both Hannah and Rebecca, being a part of the younger generation plays great part in our choice of market. Having a strong understanding in social media networking and the impact marketers have on consumers through various platforms from personal experiences, the interest in this industry creates great curiosity for us to explore and influence ourselves. Having knowledge in this segment of marketing from studies during our time at university, we are excited to delve into our own opportunity to create change for both different sector businesses and the market itself.

How will we achieve what we have set out to do?

From knowledge learnt during our time at university, and experience gained from both work placement and personal use of social media networking sites, Hannah and Rebecca have set out to gain experience within the industry, from the comfort of our own homes. From our website, to the documents we have filled with research and formats ready for the answers we provide to your solutions, we have planned all elements of the business ready for from the word ‘go’. We hope you will join us in our journey, whether that be through support or us helping your business grow via social media sites.

We hope this have given you a glimpse into what we are doing and why! Let us know what you think, it would be great to hear from you about what you do and why you've chosen to read this!

We've also begun posting on our Instagram page @intouchgirls today, a platform for everyone with an interest in social media and marketing, as well those of you who are looking for tips and tricks to having a better online presence! Go check us out!

Stay Safe!

Hannah and Rebecca, InTouch Marketing Consultancy

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