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The InTouch Girls 2020 Achievements

Hi everyone,

We hope you're well and are enjoying the festive period!

We're awfully sorry for how quiet we've been on here for the last few months. Time has been filled with both exciting and stressful events, with Rebecca securing employment and Hannah working towards achieving her masters degree. We wanted to use this blog post to discuss and reflect on what we have achieved throughout 2020, as we are extremely proud of ourselves and each other, and we would like to share that success with those who support us here at InTouch Marketing Consultancy.

InTouch Marketing Consultancy 2020 Achievements

After coming up with the idea to start this business in April, during the height of a global pandemic, launching June 1st and working alongside several fantastic businesses over the last few months, as a business and as a team we have grown from strength to strength. As a team, we have learnt so much about the marketing and the social media industry, as well as our capabilities, which in turn has grown our confidence and led to some fantastic opportunities for us career-wise. The business became successful quickly requiring us to become registered as a partnership within weeks of our launch. This was a tremendous achievement but also put faith in our hard work and showed us what the future could hold in-store.

Over the past few months, we have grown a fantastic Instagram network of small businesses and like-minded entrepreneurs. Through our fantastic communication and speaking to a wide range of businesses, we have connected with over 1,300 platform followers. We have also grown our LinkedIn platform to 430 followers and our Facebook to 240 followers with 5 star ratings from our clients! Our focus has been primarily on growing our Instagram, due to the preference we hold for the platform and its endless, upcoming features, but we have also connected with some fantastic people across LinkedIn and Facebook which has opened many opportunities.

We have also become part of some unique network opportunities through attending courses designed for entrepreneurs. At the start of our business journey, we attended a two-week long course that was run by Town Square Accelerator. It taught us a lot about starting a business, and most importantly gave us the confidence to launch InTouch Marketing Consultancy. We also attended Summer Start-Up Week 2020 amongst other young people with start-up business ideas in Wales. Both courses were very informative and gave us the opportunity to meet some fantastic and inspiring people, many of which we are still in contact with. Some of the people we have networked with through these courses have been featured on our Instagram 'Small Business Saturday' edit, and also been able to lend our knowledge to provide owners with tips and tricks through private conversations and our content.

We have been fortunate with collaborate with 10+ clients, with some projects lasting several months, and requiring many hours of work. We initially began working on providing advice to small businesses, however, over a few months, our services evolved to be more design based due to Hannah's love for creating content and we have had the opportunity to help small businesses rebrand and find the face of their businesses. Hannah has helped create logos and branded content for a range of small businesses and we have had increased interest in this service since we started it.

As a new academic year began, we were kindly asked to create a case study based on InTouch Marketing Consultancy and opportunities for growth. Over the past few weeks, we have been working with a team of 6 final year students, who are undertaking the project based on our business, they are determining ways in which we can improve and ways in which we can grow our business. Being a case study has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to not only help provide these students with a basis for their project, but also to learn and take insight from an outside perspective. We are really looking forward to the end result of the project to see what ideas they come up with, we greatly appreciate the fresh eyes.

As we approached the end of 2020, and Christmas being just around the corner, we wanted the provide support for some of our small business connections. We, therefore, created a Small Business Christmas Catalogue to showcase some fantastic products and promote the idea of shopping small and supporting local, raising awareness for those whom are investing time and effort into doing what they love, especially during these extremely difficult times. We created a real buzz around the catalogue and we had lots of small businesses very excited about being apart. Hannah created a range of eye-catching and engaging content to promote the catalogue and overall, it was a great success.

Here is some of the content we have created for our clients. We have had great reviews from the clients we have worked with, all of which can be seen on the testimonials page on our website!

Rebecca's 2020 Achievements

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, I believe that this year has been fantastic. Of course, there have been days which have been harder than others however, I have tried to stay positive and think about what I have already achieved and therefore what I can achieve.

In July 2020, I graduated from Swansea University with a First Class Honours in BSc Business Management after 3 amazing years surrounded by the most amazing friends. Despite the stress of the work, I had so much fun and have so many memories which will cherish forever. Graduating is something that I am extremely proud of myself for as the adjustment to moving to Swansea away from home was difficult and the range of assignments and exams that we were given over the course of the 3 years were extremely challenging. When I started at Swansea I had never expected to achieve a First so to achieve this shows that my hard work paid off.

Graduating in a global pandemic presented difficulties. With the lack of jobs and the increased competition for graduate roles, I found securing employment extremely difficult. During my third year, I applied for hundreds of graduate schemes with no success and once I moved home I started to apply for any entry-level role just to gain experience and secure some income. After graduating it took me 5 months to secure a role as a Customer Service Advisor for a car leasing company. I have received some extremely positive feedback whilst in this role which has massively boosted my confidence after so many knock backs in trying to secure employment.

I have recently been offered a marketing and communications graduate scheme at a pharmaceutical/ medical device company. After a fantastic graduate assessment centre, I was offered my dream graduate role which will start in January 2021. After hundreds of unsuccessful applications, I am over the moon that I have been offered one. I am looking forward to learning more about marketing and communications and putting what I have learnt at University into practice.

Hannah's 2020 Achievements

Like Rebecca, I have tried to see the greatest positives out of the last year, rather than seeing the pandemic as a road block in my journey.

Since graduating from Swansea University with a Second Class, First Division in BSc Business Management and Marketing, I received an unconditional offer to study MSc Fashion Marketing Management. Continuing my education at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and eventually achieving my Masters Degree, is all in the aim of achieving my dream career within the Fashion Industry, working within sectors or either buying/merchandising or e-commerce marketing.

About to start my second semester of teaching, I have achieved phenomenal grades, all above 80% in modules completed, something I am extremely proud of. I am also a Student Representative for the other students on my course whereby I participate and feedback to our lecturers and the module co-ordinators, praising such a fabulous course and finding areas of improvement when we hit little bumps in the road.

Although my studies have predominantly taken up my time, I have been extremely dedicated to maintaining our success for InTouch and our clients, picking up the work whilst Rebecca focused on beginning her career. This has allowed me to build faith in my decisions, and showcase great work created whilst collaborating with clients, which has been commended by many!

It was decided by both of us that we needed to take a step up in the business, and provide a more professional visual for the brand, therefore I have created a new aesthetic and theme, inline with our fabulous logo, to become great recognisable and connect our professional look with our online presence, starting 2021 with a bang - so keep your eyes peeled for that!!

For myself, 2021 is going to be continuing my self-growth. I would really like to get back into retail as I miss the routine and social aspect of having a part-time job, but also wish to focus on maintaining high grades and great progress in my personal life.

I am extremely proud of what myself and Rebecca have achieved in 2020, and I wish us the greatest success to continue this through 2021! We've got this girl!


Thank you for reading, we hope that you have enjoyed this blog post focused on discussing our personal and business achievements. After all the hard work we have put in throughout 2020 we are extremely proud of our success and we hope you are too. We would like to remind you to reflect on your personal achievements and be proud of what you have achieved during this year!

Look out for our new rebrand across social media for 2021!

Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year

Becc & Hann x

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