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The Importance of Reviews on Social Media

Happy Friday everyone, welcome back to another weekly blog. This week we are focusing on the importance of reviews and feedback on social media.

As social media becomes more prominent in our lives many people turn to social media in order to find a suitable brand for their needs and wants. Reviews enable potential customers to check the brand's credibility, quality, and value for money. In fact, evidence from Search Engine Land indicates that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people. This shows the growing need for businesses to receive reviews online as a way to support their reputation. In this blog, we have focused on the use of Facebook reviews however, customers can leave reviews on other sites online including Google and Yelp.

For some small businesses such as independent hairdressers, Facebook is the go-to platform for their business presence. Facebook has a fantastic range of information that can be displayed to customers including reviews, services, prices, and contact details. A Vocus study found that 68% of consumers go to social networking sites to read product or service reviews. As potential customers turn to Facebook for additional brand information, it's extremely important that businesses have some real customer opinions visible. Reviews are more trustworthy than advertising and marketing as they are based on opinion and experience from those who have used the product or services. This shows that businesses must encourage their customers to leave a review for their products or services because it enhances the credibility of the business and will in turn lead to increase customer numbers.

Leaving a review on Facebook is quick and easy for the customer yet has such a positive impact on the brand itself. Reviews enable customers to voice their opinions, encouraging others to buy if they were impressed and to warn others if they were unhappy with the service provided. Customers can also explain their experience with the brand, enabling potential customers to determine whether the product or service is suitable for their needs and wants. Customers can leave positive or negatives reviews, all of which are valuable for potential customers when they are looking at whether to purchase or get in touch for more information. Research has shown that customers prefer to use Facebook to leave reviews for businesses over competitors such as Google and Yelp, simply due to its ease of use and convenience.

Reviews on a business page are visible to everyone. This means that when customers and potential customers visit the businesses page, the reviews will be easily accessible so that they can find out more about the brand. The feedback from previous customers plays a huge part in the purchase decision for potential customers because potential customers do not have experience of the product or service themselves. Rather than just hoping that the service or product will be efficient, high quality and valuable, potential customers can rely on real opinions from others on Facebook to determine whether they should purchase.

How to leave a review on Facebook: 

1. Go onto the businesses Facebook page

2. Click on the tab ‘reviews’ - this is typically along the top of the page

3. You will see a box saying ‘do you want to recommend the business?

4. Click yes, write your feedback & then click post 

5. This feedback will then be visible to everyone that visits the businesses page

Our Reviews

Despite the fact that InTouch Marketing Consultancy only launched on the 1st of June 2020, we have already worked with some fantastic clients through enhancing their social media presence. We have received a fantastic review on Facebook from our first client, Abacus Day Nurseries owner Beth.

Our feedback shows that we provided a fresh perspective and practical advice, were great at listening to what our client wanted, and provided lots of new ideas, all aspects of our business that we pride ourselves on. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from the clients we are currently working with and sharing our successful reviews on Facebook.

Looking for an improved social media presence?

Do you own a small business? Are you looking for a responsive and friendly team to provide you with the advice and support you desire? If you are looking to increase and enhance your social media presence, get InTouch with us to arrange a conversation regarding the ways in which we can assist you, and boost your social media presence.

Contact us at intouchmarketingconsultancy@gmail.com or take a look at our website www.intouchmarketingconsultancy.co.uk to find out more!

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