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How To; Content Creation

Happy Friday Everyone, we hope you are well!

Thank you for tuning in to another Friday Blog! It's great to be back sharing weekly content and exploring new topics. This week we will be giving you our tips and tricks to how we create our content, the methods we use and how it works for us at InTouch Marketing Consultancy! We hope this insight is helpful to improving your content creation for social media or gives you more information to seek help from us!

What is Content?

"Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action", (Content Marketing Institute, 2020).

In publishing, art and communication, content is the information/experience which is directed at the end-user, sometimes shown in the form of a photo, video, infographic or just plain text posted on social media.

It has been found that posts with the addition of a visual element such as attaching an image, receive 2.3 times more engagement than that of without. With around 600 million posts shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram everyday, it is important for brands to focus on creating and sharing content on their social media platforms which will allow them to create maximum engagement and the most exposure, standing out to be noticed.

Key tips for when you are creating content:

(Outbrain, 15 tips for writing audience-engaging content, 2020)

- Written Element

  • Use header and sub-headings; this will allow to draw attention to the post by ensuring the viewer is aware the content is about something of their interest and also will allow to keep your content organised and simple to track.

  • Be concise; keeping your information short, sweet and to the point will allow to keep viewers engaged without overwhelming them with information on your product/service and avoid posting boring and hard to follow content.

  • When appropriate, use lists; lists are a great way to provide key information, allowing to be easily read and understood. When providing lots of information, cutting sentences down to key words and phrases to be skimmed by the viewer in list format will be much easier to digest than big paragraphs.

  • Tell a story; some of the most engaging content is written in a story format, telling the reader about a timeline of events and keeping them guessing. Stories can be used to tell the journey of your business/product or service development, and interact with customers to be relatable and build a relationship.

  • Incorporate links; whether using call to action, or adding the link for your source of information, adding an internal (website) or external link can increase the engagement of the post by pushing the reader to seek further information by telling them to 'click the link below' etc. Adding the great external information source to the post will also increase the reliability of the post and what you are saying.

- Adding Visual Elements

  • Graphics to include; picture, videos, infographics and graphs are a great way to add an extra element of engagement to what you are posting. This will also add visual appeal to the post, conveying what is trying to be expressed in a different way, making it better understood by the viewer.

  • Ensure your content is fit for your audience; it must be remembered that different audiences have different desires and time to consume social media information. For instance; posting a 15 minute video explaining something to those in the market of 35-50 with busy lives is likely to be less effective than an infographic which can be seen and digested in seconds. There is also the element of gender to consider, since men and women will see different content relevant to them! Studies show that some women pay attention to advertisements related to health and children, whereas most men enjoy marketing on food/drink.

  • Create engagement through high quality; to ensure your content resonates with people, promote on a regular basis, use reputation and build awareness of your brand to ensure your boost interactions. Poorly designed content will be considered 'off putting' if it mis-represents your brand and it's values, jeopardising your customers value. Stick to your values, and tell your true brand story, stay ethically correct and spread positivity!

How content creation works for us at InTouch Marketing Consultancy;

From the get go, Hannah and Rebecca have always divided their efforts to share the workload and be productive together rather than individually, testing and building on our teamwork and communication skills. With this in mind, when it comes to content creation, we have split the task into two distinct stages, which allows each person to fulfill specific roles.

Written Content; Rebecca

Across social media written content is extremely important, it is key for expanding upon the visual content and providing more detail. As part of The InTouch Girls, Rebecca plays a key role in the written content proportion of the content created by us for Facebook and LinkedIn. This involves the content written for our personal InTouch brand as well as the work we do for our clients.

When writing for clients, Rebecca ensures that she incorporates the tone of voice, language and image of the brand and ensures that the wording is professional and suited to the clients customer base.

Visual Creation; Hannah

With a creative flare, Hannah took on the main role of visual content creator for @TheInTouchGirls Instagram account and for the InTouch Marketing Consultancy Clients. For the InTouch Girls page, content and captions are created with a lighthearted attitude and attraction in mind. The girls wanted to create a platform which was fun, but informative, hence the bright colours and personal visuals, which encompasses helpful knowledge shared with their followers.

Yet, when creating content for clients, Hannah says 'it must be ensured that you stick within the company and it's branding, don't change something which works for your client, even if it's not something you personally like. Being free to express on our personal/company page is different to what we do for our clients, we must be professional for them and stick tho their values suited for their target market'. Client content creation follows a distinct process which allows the company to have maximum involvement in the process.

When creating content for clients, Hannah creates basic ideas which fit the immediate needs of the clients, complimented with a mood board of colours, text and visuals used. This is then changed where required and approved, before then building a list of ideas which formulate the plan for the companies social media. When creating individual posts for use, drafts are drawn up, to complement the written element from Rebecca, approved and then signed off by the client for their use when scheduled.

Using Canva;

To create posts, Hannah uses a website based and downloadable application 'Canva'. The site allows you to create posts for social media, forms, business cards, logos, anything your need to satisfy your small business desires. Canva provides users with the opportunity to use templates for simpler, guided use, helping those with little experience or idea of what they want, or access to create their own, which is what Hannah does.

Canva is 'a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. It is available on web and mobile, and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations'.

  • Picking the content purpose

The purpose of the content needing to be created will be established before you seek aid from Canva. From best suitable knowledge from your target audience and the most effective platforms they use, you as a marketer will be able to distinguish whether to use Canva for its social media templated e.g. Facebook banner or Instagram post, or for its branding purposes (logo), and hard copy media such as posters. Found in the top right of the screen when accessing Canva via desktop/laptop, there are a wide selection to use for your content creation needs, all with pre-set templates and the ability to 'create your own' from scratch. Templates you might not of considered being available to your through this software includes inspiration for restaurant menus, invitations for parties or weddings, tickets and coupons, as well as report formats.

  • Formatting and features

When selecting the features available to you, some options are only accessible via Canva Pro, which is prices at £10.99 per month, something to keep in mind when using this content creation platform, however, it must be remember the basics are there for you to be used freely!!

To showcase what is available, we have chosen to create an instagram post, as this is something we very often do at InTouch Marketing Consultancy. When selecting the following content option, you will see this, and as you can see below, the format of the shape for the 'ideal' Instagram post is set for you, and there are multiple options on the left hand side to begin the editing process, including templates which has been displayed for view.

Alongside templates, there are also the options to insert Photos. Elements such as shapes and graphics, plenty of Text options includes pre-set fonts and styles which can be altered in both colour and size, Music to be added to videos and different colour/visual background options.

There is also the opportunity to upload and add your own photos/videos/sounds to make the content your own, this is really simple to use, just select what is required and drag it onto the template, then begin designing!

  • Further editing - Procreate

Once you have finalised your design, you can save it, name it, and download it ready to be uploaded. There are many 'optimal times' to consider depending on what platform you are using, however that's something to discuss another time!

Furthermore, Hannah has recent invested in an iPad Pro which allows for additional editing! Using an application called Procreate, costing a one time payment of £9.99, the application allows to edit and add to the post created in Canva with an Apple Pencil, through downloading and uploading it to the next app. This is an unnecessary step but in some cases has allowed to complete content for our clients to a higher standard!

To showcase some of the work we have created for our lovely clients, some examples have been inserted below;

Swansea University Enterprise Team;

  1. Introductory post for Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn

  2. Website Banner for Student Resources (also created by us)

  3. Motivational Quote for Instagram

Mech Tech Professionals - Recruitment Specialists;

  1. Reminded of the Businesses Values

  2. A post we created and composed for the company to post on their LinkedIn

GH Scents;

  1. Perfume Loyalty Card

As Content Creation has been a new element to the business we have added in the second month of operating, Rebecca and Hannah have fallen in love with creating content for their clients and being able to see the positive reaction this gains from their followers through likes, comments and shares. The overall reaction to our creations has been insanely positive and you can see some of our own content posted and shared via our Instagram @TheInTouchGirls and on our InTouch Marketing Consultancy Facebook page!

We hope this post has given some guidance to help you create better content, or it may have pushed you to seek our help. Please email us with any questions, we are happy to help anyone we can!

Speak to you soon,

Hannah and Rebecca

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