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Exploring Different Social Media Sites

If you don't know... Get to know!

Hello Everyone,

Friday blogs are back and this one is jam packed with information for you and your social media decisions.

Over the last few weeks on our Instagram page (@TheInTouchGirls), we have been 'getting to know' each social media site and evaluating the impact they have on companies and their users for an influential perspective.


When marketing via this platform, the first place to start would be creating a Facebook business page, which is a great spot to develop your brand identity. To build your company via Facebook, there are many features/opportunities to maximise presence such as Facebook Ads, sponsored stories and the ability to reach large group of people groups and contests.

It has been found that the average lifespan of a post on Facebook is 8 hours, which provides a wide time frame to reach as many individual users within your target audience as possible.

Positives of using Facebook for business purposes:

  • New features allow you to schedule posts, allowing to effectively use your free time to plan ahead. We know how business dedicating time to promote yourself can be!

  • Multiple admin options, making it easy for several people to manage - great for partnerships like us!

  • Gives great audience insights, allowing you to see how many individuals have seen your post and engaged with it etc.

Negatives of using Facebook for business purposes:

  • Lack of support on the site - there is little help/advice given by Facebook employees

  • Little authentication

  • Many say there is a need for better integration with apps - for instance, facing trouble connecting your business Instagram page to your business Facebook.

  • Can be difficult to use for first time users!

Our rating for Facebook as a marketing platform;

7/10 - A great platform for advertising amongst groups, allowing to build a fanbase/create attention through inviting personal friends to like and share your business page.


Twitter is predominantly know for its B2B (business to business) activity. Many Twitter users go to the platform to interact with global and business news, as an informative online space which matches posted content with your interests to display posts of your feed which are of interest to you as a user!

Some tips for Twitter;

  1. Invest in a motivating storyteller

  2. Chose quality over quantity when posting

  3. Create content around purpose

  4. Become a reliable source

  5. Turn to paid media to prolong your outstanding contents shelf life

Our Twitter rating;

6/10 - Twitter can be a great platform for sharing content and news, however, it is not a platform we favour due to personal experience with the social media site. As active users on Twitter, we find a lack of B2B activity shown on our feeds, this suggests a change in purpose, however, this could be determined due to our demographics, showcasing less B2B information due to lack of interest in specific subjects.


Over the last few years, Instagram has grown tremendously, basking in it's influential power! Instagram have implemented many social media marketing tools for their business accounts to benefit from internal analytics and helpful features.

Key business features to use;

  • Turning your account to a business page and ensuring your profile is PUBLIC NOT PRIVATE!

  • Create sponsored ads

  • Use Instagram stories to display information

  • Use analytics tools available via the platform to monitor success in engagement

  • Build a profile that your customers use to find key information and tease new information to keep them returning

  • Implement attractive and engaging content to attract new customers

Instagram is well known for it's influential powers, and users who have mass following, who are used in paid partnerships to advertise brands to their followers. Influencer marketing can be used hand in hand with social media marketing and is a great opportunity to maximise the exposure of your brand and profile.

Our Instagram rating;

9/10 - we LOVE Instagram and the features for both personal and business use! It's a phenomenal platform which has changed the game for social media marketing!


A video-sharing social networking service where users can create and share short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos.

Given that TikTok is a new forms of social media, it has taken users by a storm. With 800 million worldwide users, TikTok became the most downloaded app on Apple's App Store in late 2019. With this in mind, marketers have begun to catch on to the power of TikTok and used viral trends to promote their own products/services.

It's been found that the algorithm used puts content in front of you that they think you like, depending on what clips you create, share and interact with, making for a great social media marketing tool.

Our TikTok rating;

9/10 - growing in influential power as marketers catch onto the tool and user numbers continue to grow, we rate TikTok highly as the vine-like platform gets further implemented into businesses marketing strategies.

It may not be a favoured platform now, but what this space!


A professional website for business and employee-orientated online service that operates via website and downloadable app. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn allows those within the corporate world to connect with likeminded individuals and grow their network, with potential to find some amazing opportunities to further their career.

Top ket features to be aware of;

  • Manage your skills and endorsements to showcase your best abilities on your profile

  • Create LinkedIn Showcase pages; great for creating a business product/service page separate from your individual profile but allowing them to be linked

  • Send messages when making connections to allow you to introduce yourself to new networks and it not be considered 'random'

Our LinkedIn rating;

8/10 - LinkedIn is a highly rated professional media platform which we love to use!

As individual profile users, and business platform holders, LinkedIn has allowed us to create our won large network as well as sharing business information and achievement through their business page!


An American online video-sharing platform, with over 1 billion hours of video watched every single day. This streaming platform not only allows to watch any video you could possibly think of, but also acts as a search engine, claiming second place after Google for its high use to find information!

YouTube allows users to create effective videos of ANYTHING, whether you are sharing a lecture or demonstration, or more quickly produced funny videos which reach high levels of entertainment and engagement This social media platform has recently grown in its optimisation of mobile device views, brilliant for on the go entertainment.

Our YouTube rating;

7/10 - A great platform for content creation from both companies and big brands, and also highly used for influencer marketing and educational purposes. Tutorials are widely enjoyed and can be great as a marketing tool to demonstrate the use of your product or service.


Thank you so much for reading, we hope you enjoyed and thought it was informative. Hopefully you've learnt something which can help change your business and marketing activity!

If you are interested in our services or want to find out more please get InTouch through our website, email or through our social media platforms.

We have tips and tricks for a better social media presence on our social media @theintouchgirls. We'd love to hear from you!

Stay safe,

From Rebecca & Hannah, The InTouch Girls

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