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Collaborating with Mech Tech Professionals

Over the past 2 months, InTouch Marketing Consultancy has been working with recruitment specialists, Mech Tech Professionals in a content creation collaboration, aiming to maximise engagement through their LinkedIn presence, and raise awareness surrounding the businesses successful development of 3 new service divisions.

Who Are Mech Tech Professionals?

Mech Tech Professionals are a recruitment consultancy based in Caerphilly, Wales led by experienced professionals. Dedicated to providing the best industry focused recruitment services, the company specialises in a wide variety of sectors both nationally and internationally.

Mech Tech Professionals have 5 divisions; Engineering & Technical, Building & Construction, Access & Environmental, Technical & Freelance, Education & Training and Electrical. These divisions use specialist recruiters to match candidates with their ideal role, as well as providing partner companies with a suitable workforce.

As part of this partnership, we worked closely with Jonathan Hann, the managing director, and Nicole Gilbert, the office manager, as well as collaborating with division managers.

How Our Partnership Was Formed

Mech Tech Professionals had a large following on LinkedIn, yet were struggling to get the engagement they needed to push their services to potential clients. The InTouch Girls were brought in to run a 6-week LinkedIn campaign to promote the launch of 3 new divisions within the company, and to raise awareness of the work that Mech Tech Professionals do. The main focus was on promoting all things positive including achievements, the success gained throughout Covid-19 and introducing the Mech Tech Professionals team.

Our process of creating content for Mech Tech Professionals was simple, we focused on our strengths whilst ensuring that we went above and beyond what was expected of the content produced. Hannah created the visual content and Rebecca wrote the posts, supporting each others creative process and lending a hand whenever necessary . It was ensured that we focused on building a strong relationship with the team at Mech Tech Professionals through strong means of communication, quick responses and a friendly but professional approach. Through building a relationship with Mech Tech Professionals, we were able to increase the effectiveness of the partnership, because we collaborated as one team, rather than two teams working alongside each other.

The Work Produced by InTouch Marketing Consultancy

Being set the task to reach a balance between positive and interesting, but not over-bearing, Mech Tech Professionals were looking for content creators who knew how to push dialogue between its LinkedIn platform and the viewers, showcasing the company and it's greatest achievements in the greatest positive light.

InTouch Marketing Consultancy created 6-weeks worth of content, aiming to post 3 times weekly, telling the story of Mech Tech Professionals experience during Covid-19 and the strengths they have returned to work with.

The process began with the creation of a series of 'mock-ups' which allowed the InTouch Girls to pitch their initial ideas to Jonathan, matching the selected colours and text used to be in line with the companies branding, aesthetically continuing the industrial yet professional pattern already formed. Some of our ideas included 'meet the team' posts, vacancy announcements/alerts, and implementing content to push the companies core information which aimed to build awareness of who Mech Tech Professionals are and what they do. The listed ideas all stemmed from extensive research into 'what works on LinkedIn' and how to create conversation, but matching the companies services/practices.

Once determined what worked best for the company, and approval was granted, the InTouch Girls began working with Nicole to build a plan ready for moving forward. It was greatly important for this campaign to showcase the journey Mech Tech Professionals and its team have been on whilst encountering events during earlier this year, therefore the posts created must allow for a flow of information which from start to finish told their story of Covid-19 and returning to a 'new normal' at work.

Some content created by InTouch Marketing Consultancy has been displayed below;

For more, visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/mech-tech-professionals/.

Impact and Engagement

From the collaboration, and willingness to experiment with new techniques, the Mech Tech Professionals LinkedIn presence has improved dramatically in its interactions and engagement rates. From previous posts, to those created by the InTouch Girls, it is clear that views, interactions and reactions has grown! This is a great accomplishment and something we are pleased to have gained for Mech Tech Professionals, as their reaction and outcome from Covid-19 is extremely positive and shows tremendous potential for the company as it continues to move out of what has been a dark time for many businesses.

Aiming to increase engagement is not something which is simple to achieve. This is due to the unpredictability of reactions gained to what is being posted. However, by staying true to the companies values and showcasing the hard dedication from the team, the real story was told and as the positivity shines through, LinkedIn users who follow Mech Tech Professionals engaged and the campaign was a success.

Since the final post, it has been totalled that whilst working with the InTouch Girls over the 6-week period, the Mech Tech Professionals campaign has gained 13,971 impressions, with 103 new LinkedIn followers, and a great increase in their business page views by over 800 people.

The Review

"Hannah and Rebecca are a pleasure to work with, very responsive and any changes were no problem what so ever.

They took our basic ideas and expanded on them and gave us lots to think about for the future of our social media presence!

Thank you from Mech Tech Professionals"

The Experience

Collaborating with Mech Tech Professionals has allowed InTouch Marketing Consultancy to explore the means of recruitments specialists, digging deep into the company itself, catering specifically to its needs and desires, but also allowing to understand the target audience, individuals we are not too familiar with, and applying this information to a platform we are extremely fond of to showcase what great things have been achieved.

Being a part of Mech Tech Professionals expansion campaign has tested our ability to work to tighter deadlines, producing content with a quicker turn around than ever before, and interacting with many different members of the team to get personal and real reactions to show those who pieces together the Mech Tech Professionals puzzle.

The experience has been nothing but positive, and provided an opportunity to challenge the InTouch Girls like nothing before, the chance to partner with such a phenomenal company who aim for the best for their clients is inspiring and pushes our aspirations to be as hard-working as this team.

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