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Hello everyone, thank you for tuning in for this week's blog!

On our Instagram page (@theintouchgirls) this week, we have been discussing influencers and the positive/negative impact influencer marketing holds over both the market and social media sites we know and love today! Today's blog is surrounding the posts below, exploring the topic in further detail and enlightening you more on the powers of influencers.

Our 5 Facts;

- Fact no.1: Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

It has been found that in the U.S, companies make a 5.2% profit on their investment into influencer marketing. This means that if a company was to pay $1,000 for product placement on a highly exposed social media user, the company can expect to gain $5,200 profit in return, AS WELL AS CUSTOMERS!

- Fact no.2: 67% of marketers promote content with the help of influencers.

As social media has grown, so has social media marketing, and in turn, sparked the beginning of influencer marketing. Product placement and sponsorships/ADs fill many users social media feeds everyday, and it's all due to businesses wishing the push the exposure of their products or services in the most effective way within todays market. Knowing that nearly 70% of company's use influencer marketing within their marketing plan, makes you want to know what you're missing out on... right?!

- Fact no.3: Facebook is the MOST influential social media network! But YouTube is hot on its heels.

There is a great debate between whether Facebook or Instagram is a preferred platform to chose for the ultimate influencer marketing success, however, recent studies have shown that although there is little in it, Facebook takes the lead, surprisingly followed closely by YouTube, which we guess makes sense being 2 of the longest standing social media platforms, with the most users! Question's now lead to whether or not influence comes from high number of users and reputation of the platform. Studies in 2019 suggested that Instagram's use of images and stories increase influential power, making it more persuasive to those exposed to the product/service advertisement - but I guess the power of influence is determined by the user and their decision to consume or ignore.

- Fact no.4: 71% of marketers believe influencer partnerships are good for business.

Finding the correct marketing plan for a company of any shape or size can be difficult, whether it be to little knowledge or fundings, selecting the correct plan and implementing successfully can be a task and a half, but clearly, influencer marketing is growing in favour by many! With the profit that can be made from successful placement/ads and the custom successful campaigns can bring to a company in mind, there is little doubt that influencer marketing will continue to storm and take over marketing techniques we once used and loved.

- Fact no.5 (kinda), Knowing how to market influencers to fit your brand.

When implementing influencer marketing into your marketing plan, there are many things to consider and factors to remember:

  • Chose carefully that the individual is within the same specific target niche you want to attract to your brand - it would be pointless endorsing a celebrity/paying well known social media users e.g. 'influencers', to target your audience with the products and services you are selling, if the target audience doesn't know who the influencer is!

  • Select someone who will produce content that is relevant and appealing - not only do the customers need to know the influencers, but their content needs to appeal and attract the viewer to the brand and its products/services. In order to be an effective influencer, your content needs to bring clientele and custom to the brand whom has employed you, and if this is not being achieved, you're clearly not the correct match for the brand and its customers.

  • The perfect match is KEY! You are unlikely to use a famous footballer player to market your make-up brand, or a chef to showcase your new mathematics book for children, as the match doesn't seem connected and relevant. However, this does not mean you cannot create connections - in recent influencer/celebrity advertisements, connections have been made to create a product relevant to an influencer. For example, nutritional/well-being experts talking about health insurance; there is a link, but it's not distinct until it's made aware to you, which is very clever don't you think?!

The most important thing to take from our research, posts and blog this week is that influencer marketing can be used effectively by anyone, no matter the size of your business and the money available. There are billions of social media users today, and the platforms are only growing to grow greater - if you’re a SME or Micro-business looking to dip their toes into influencer marketing, try focusing on users from small communities, building your trust in the process and providing opportunities to individuals who are looking to take the online world by a storm.

For some inspiration- search relevant hashtags and see what people are talking about, you may find a well-known user who already loves your product or something similar and would love to collaborate and support your journey through their ads!

Thank you so much for reading, we hope you enjoyed and thought it was informative. Hopefully you've learnt something which can help change your business and marketing activity! Please remember, although we are not able to connect you with the best and well known celebrity/influencers, we are here to help and would love to partner with small businesses who need assistance with increasing engagement and growth via their social media platforms. Email us at intouchmarketingconsultancy@gmail.com with any questions or queries!

Stay safe and see you next week for another blog!

Rebecca and Hannah, InTouch Marketing Consultancy

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