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1 Month as The InTouch Girls

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this weeks blog, Happy Friday! This week will be talking about reflecting on the first month as 'The InTouch Girls' including successes and best bits so far.

The 1st July 2020 marks the 1 month anniversary trading as InTouch Marketing Consultancy. The past month has been both exciting and scary as Rebecca and Hannah stepped up to the challenge of starting their own social media marketing business and pushing ourselves out of their comfort zones.

Our First Month

We started the month creating a client pack which included analysis and advice for a children's day nursery in Swansea. This was a learning curve for us as we tested the business process we had been working on for several months, and was the initial challenge of testing our knowledge we have developed through time at University.

We also began our partnership with an engineering/technology recruitment agency in Caerphilly, where we are providing gap analysis and advice, whilst creating modern, yet engaging LinkedIn content and visuals for their July campaign.

Our final client this month was Swansea University Enterprise Team, in which we provided deep analysis into social media and its competitors universities, recognising the strength and weakness features predominantly used and identifying areas of improvement, suggesting implementation of change within content creation and available resources for students.

Working with our first set of clients this month has been super exciting and allowed to test our skills/knowledge, as well as build our network and connections.

For each client we work with, it was decided to create a client pack that provides insight to us diving deep into their social media, their competitors social media and knowledge of the industry. We have learnt so much from market research and business analysis, and we have acquired more skills which will drive the success of the services we provide to our clients. We make sure every client pack is bespoke and suited to the business and industry. Our services are provided with masses of effort and dedication to provide the highest quality, going above and beyond, regardless of the basic clients requirements.

On our social media platforms and weekly blogs, The InTouch Girls have been sharing and distributing knowledge and tips about social media platforms and social media presence/ engagement. This has enabled us to showcase our expertise, as well as giving us the opportunity to research, investigate and extend our knowledge about social media marketing. We hope that the information we distribute through our business will help small businesses alongside the help we provide through our business services.

Throughout our first month, not only have we been building our business ,and raising awareness of what we do, but we have attended 3 weeks of start-up courses to boost our knowledge and allowing us to network. From time spent attending these virtual sessions, not only did we gain valuable skills, but we also got the opportunity to meet leading industry professionals and other small business owners, being involved in a great start-up community and gaining support like no other! The courses were insightful and gave us the confidence we needed to transform our aspiration to run our own business into a reality.

The Best Bits

This month has been full of successes and personal achievement which both of us will reflect on for the rest of our lives. In the future, both Hannah and Rebecca will be able to reflect on Covid-19 as being an awful and scary time for everyone, but also for us, a time that we decided to be proactive, and take our own futures into our own hands, rather than waiting to see what happens. It shown us both how hard working, driven and passionate about marketing we are, whilst making the most of lockdown and our own path to success.

Rebecca stated, 'my favourite part of running InTouch Marketing Consultancy so far has been setting the challenge of starting a successful business through planning and trying new processes, pulling together what I have learnt at University and applying it to my own business which is centred around Marketing which i am passionate about has been so rewarding. I've loved helping people and providing a service whilst also boosting my own experience and skills. I have loved working with Hannah as we overcome challenges and celebrate achievements together.'

Hannah has loved the experience too, she stated 'I have really enjoyed creating the content for InTouch Marketing Consultancy's social media as well as for clients! I am also grateful for being able to take part in the start up weeks we have attended (Town Square Accelerator and Summer Start-Up Week 2020) as it has enabled me to meet new people with similar business aspirations as me. I have also loved meeting and working with our clients and working alongside Rebecca as we strive for success!'

Our goals

On reflection of this month and our success so far, we have set goals so that we can reflect further of our success in the months and years to come.

In the short term we want to increase our following on all social media platforms as this will increase our network and our reach to more small business owners.

In the long term, we want to reach a substantial amount of clients that we have worked with as this will increase our reputation and provide us with areas of weakness in which we can improve from.

We are determined to make a success of this business and we would love to be able to say, in a year from now, that we have achieved them through hard work and determination.

How can we help you?

We are continuously improving, every day we find new ways of becoming more efficient and increase the quality of our service for our clients. With dedication, we aim to provide a service that requires real passion and effort.

Although having 3 distinctively outline service types advertised on our website, here at InTouch Marketing Consultancy, we aim to adapt to our clients demands and tailor our knowledge to fit their need.

Our typical service 'gap analysis and advice' is an analysis of your businesses social media presence and advice on how to improve it.

Our second service 'Implementation' is a service with the benefits of 'gap analysis and advice' with the added benefit of deliverables such as content creation, content ideas and theoretical models.

Our third and final service is currently under extensive research, and soon to be available to you. Our greatest aim is to able to control our clients social media on their behalf, creating and posting relevant content at the best quality.

If you are interested in our services or want to find out more, please get InTouch through our website, email or visit our social media platforms. Our Instagram page is dedicated to tips and tricks for a better social media presence, @theintouchgirls. We'd love to hear from you, and we can't wait to expand our client list further than whats been achieved in June!

We hope you enjoyed this blog, thank you for reading.

Stay safe,

From Rebecca & Hannah, The InTouch Girls

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