InTouch Marketing Consultancy

Aiming to provide advice and support to SME's and Micro-organisations with regards to their social media presence. Creating bespoke and unique services of high quality, so clients can improve
engagement, interaction and drive customer levels and revenue.

Idea Formed - April 2020

Aiding economic relief by advising SMEs and Mirco-Organisations on improving their social media presence and communication with customers - aiming to increase customer numbers!

Clients 2 & 3 - June 2020

Working with Swansea University Enterprise Team to improve their social media and website content, and beginning work with Mech Tech Professionals Recruitment Specialists to build an effective and informative LinkedIn campaign which showcases their reaction and comeback after covid-19.

Establish and Launch - May 2020

InTouch Marketing Consultancy was launched, gaining their first customer - Abacus Day Nursery

2 Months as the InTouch Girls - 1st August

Marks success in building great networks, learning new skills and gaining new clients. 

Securing Client 4 - August 2020

Working alongside Ginger Mutts Dog Walking and Pet Care service to expand their social media knowledge and presence, working on improvements to their website and helping to delegate priorities for the main social media focus.

Meet the Team

Hello! We are the InTouch team, founding InTouch Marketing Consultancy in May 2020 with
the aim to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on small businesses through enhanced marketing on social
media. We strive to provide high quality support and advice through suggesting methods of
improvement for companies regarding their social media presence, and efforts of communication with
customers through content creation and client re-branding.

Rebecca Maddocks

I'm Rebecca, I have a passion for marketing, social media and providing support to others. Starting InTouch Marketing Consultancy was a perfect way to share knowledge, skills and expertise to small businesses who may require some advice and assistance in drawing more customers through their social media. I have a degree in Business Management from Swansea University, which has increased my awareness of the way social media can be utilised to maximise engagement. I have experience in creating engaging and interesting content across many platforms ranging from Facebook and Instagram to  TikTok.

Hannah Warden

I'm Hannah, I have a degree from time at Swansea University in Business Management and Marketing, and I am wishing to further my education studying an MSc in Fashion Marketing Management. University has developed my understanding of businesses and is the reason behind why I wanted us to start InTouch Marketing Consultancy. Through both studies and work experience, I have a strong understanding in social media marketing and great capabilities in aiding to build brand awareness. I wish to share this knowledge with businesses who need it, hoping to aid relief during the coronavirus pandemic and help rebuild the economy.

InTouch Promise

Our promise to you…

We work closely with our clients, providing fantastic and regular communication to
support growth and improvement.

We dedicate masses of effort and time into our research to resolve client issues

and concerns to enhance social media platforms.

We provide clear and understandable information to clients so that you can learn from

our advice and recommendations. 

We ensure that our content is of high quality, helping to build meaningful relationships between 

clients and their customers.

We create bespoke and unique client packs suited to clients individual needs and

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

To enhance small businesses social media presence to help create engaging and meaningful relationships

with their customers. 


Mission Statement

We do this by providing high-quality support, guidance and knowledge to small businesses by providing them

with deliverables such as promotional material, information and advice suited to their requirements. 

Value Statement

InTouch Marketing Consultancy is for small businesses who are seeking assistance with regards to gaining greater

engagement and increasing their online presence. 

Our services provide support to any business, aiming to enhance their online presence and growth. We are fully

adaptable, working towards a shared goal with clients, to help and guide them to greater

social media success.


Please contact us for more information about what we do, our services and how our services can benefit your business. Drop us an email or fill in the form and we will be in contact shortly!

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© 2020 by InTouch Marketing Consultancy. 

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